April 10, 2012

Where did February go?

Or, for that matter, March?

Ah, well.  I've been trying to get back on top
of running the household and homeschooling, after spending
the majority of 2012 either ill or sleeping.

Just as a little gentle reintroduction to the blogosphere,
I thought I'd share some of my recent favorite funnies.

My 5-year-old told me the other day, "Whew!  That scared the chickens out of me!"

A kitten dies when you use an apostrophe to pluralize.
(From the Well-Trained Mind Forums.  LOVE this!)

Breakfast conversation:
Me:  I don't know who (committed this terrible crime that I can't quite recall at the moment),
but let's not let that happen again.
5yo:  It was (insert brother's name).
Me:  Well, we don't need to point fingers...
5yo:  I'm not pointing fingers; I'm just telling you who did it.

Here's hoping that I find my blogging motivation sometimes before this baby arrives.
And did I mention that this time around we're having a girl?!

I know...scary thought.
My house is often like a football game that never ends.
I'm not sure I can "do" a girl,
but I am trusting that God knows better than I.
{heaving a sigh of relief!}

How's your year going?

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