January 24, 2011

MM : Joy, Anticipation, and the Agony of Defeat

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.  Wow – it was hard to leave the title with lowercase letters!  I’m a little OCD on the spelling / capitalization front.  Not to the point that I carry a marker and correct signs that are wrong when I’m out and about, but pretty close to it.  I’m also a bit OCD with packing the grocery sacks at Wal-Mart.  The self-checkout is a wonderful thing, because I can put exactly the right number of canned vegetables in each bag, and all the boxes go together, and everything gets put in the cart in order, so I can load into the van in order, and I maximize space and minimize broken sacks!  Ahhh, just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.  In a good way.  Where was I?

2.  Oh, yes - I’m so excited!  I just figured out how to switch to italics as I type, instead of finishing the post and hunting for all the little things I wanted to italicize.  Come to think of it, italicize is a very cool word.  Say it with me…italicize…okay – I think I’m alright now.  Just about slipped over the edge there.  Whew!

3.  Here’s a bookmark I found in the book I picked up for the first time in probably years, made by one of my kiddos.  Why do I include this, you ask?  ‘Cause it makes me happy!

And the back.


(I know that he would want me to point out at this point that he does, indeed, know how to spell quilt.  It was made when he was probably like, 6, or something…you know, like practically an infant.)

5. Two key words I’ve been pondering a lot lately:

BALANCE          &          INTENTIONALITY

6. Let’s see…what’s on tap for this week at The Home Front?  Glad you asked!  Another entry in the 5000 Year Leap series - who’s feeling patriotic? 

The 5000 Year Leap (Original Authorized Edition)

And I’m finished with Love on a Diet, by Wendy Jeub.  I’ll be sharing some things I’ve been inspired to implement in my own life.

7.  Hopefully, we’ll be planning a Super Bowl party at my house in a couple weeks, to watch the Bears win! Oh, please, oh, please, oh, please!

7.  What I mean to say is -- the Bears lose…again.  It came right down to the wire…again.  Why can this team make me believe – really believe – that we might have a chance at pulling out a win?  Even facing a historically insurmountable points deficit…and a third-string quarterback taking the snaps?
Sometimes it hurts to be a Bears fan.  My throat is sore from yelling at the TV, and (if I may be permitted a very unmanly moment of reflection) my heart is sore for the Bears.  Especially Hanie.  Good try, dude.  Nice work.

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  1. It must have been so much fun to find that "bookmark". I love all of the artwork my grandkids give me.

    I am so not a sports fan...but I live with one. My hubby loves sports. I do watch golf with him once in awhile and drive the golf cart when he plays. (Does that count?)

    I like random posts...they are fun. I enjoyed your humor.

    Happy Monday!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  2. oh I LOVE being able to use the quick-key shortcuts in blogger! And you gotta love the self-checkout at the grocery store. I always go there, I got tired of having my groceries smooshed and my reusable sacks filled only halfway.

  3. Faith - I heard that our local WalMart may be getting rid of the self-checkouts because they're always needing maintenance. I just about cried! Damaged food stinks! I want to tell them sometimes - Hey! I have to eat that you know!

  4. Awwww, so adorable that you found that bookmark! That's precious!!


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