October 19, 2010

Very Very Vincent

I love paintings by Vincent van Gogh.  He was a very troubled person, but his art is very vibrant.  A lot of his work is of subjects that are familiar to me.  I know - he lived in Europe and I've never been there (or wanted to go there, for that matter).  But he painted flowers, and trees, and fields- LOTS of fields.  Cornfields and wheat fields like you will find in the Midwest.  Fields with cypresses, with reapers, with haystacks, with crows, and (my personal favorite) with thunderclouds.

I love the vibrant colors he used.  I love how you can trace the story of his life through his paintings.  I love how he painted his own self-portrait over and over and over.  I wonder, was he trying to fix it?  To get it right?

And don't we all do that?  Try to make ourselves what we think is expected for us to be?  Get the newest fashions; wear the latest hairstyle; buy the trendiest shoes; fit into the skinniest jeans.  Mask the real ME so I can fit in ... which means I am exactly like everyone else.  Is that really what we want?  What we need?

God didn't create us to be like everybody else.  He made you the way you are, because He loves YOU.  Not you when you drop another dress size.  Not you when you mask your horribly uneven skin tone.  Stop constantly painting a new self-portrait of yourself, and appreciate how God created you.  You are perfect in His eyes.

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