September 05, 2011

MM : Robert Ridgway Grasslands Nature Preserve

I know, I know…another nature walk?
It was just too nice to stay indoors today.
And now that I have a blog
{and somewhat of a captive audience…hehehe}
I feel compelled to take pictures and post them.
{Even though I will never argue that I have any skill
for taking good pictures.
Holding the camera just makes me feel…
And bossy.}

Today we went with Grandma and Grandpa
to the Robert Ridgway Grasslands Nature Preserve.
{You’ve heard of Robert Ridgway, right?}
sign - official name

The last time we were here, it was summer,
and everything was in bloom.
This time,
grass still green
everything is drying out.
Fall is on the way.

pond and green grass
The pond is much smaller than before,
due to the lack of rain in the last two months.
But it was by far the greenest place on our walk,
and there were still frogs on the bank.
And tracks, of course,
raccoon tracks in mud
from thirsty raccoons.

We also spotted this track through the grass.
alleged turtle track
Can you see the break in the stems, just to the left
of the sign post?
We think it might have been made
by a turtle – giant snapping or box,
we’re not sure which.
{Thankfully} we didn’t see any of those today.

We saw lots of milkweed…
milkweed pods
in the pod…
milkweed bursting
bursting from the pod…
milkweed pods with bugs
and covered in little orange bugs.

In fact, there were a lot of tiny creatures
and specimens to examine.
funny little orange berries
strange little berries/seeds the size of my fingertip…
{or, as my 4yo insisted, “pumpkins”}
tiny yellow bug
tiny milkweed-pod-bug…
{why, yes, that is the scientific name for this critter!}
thistle - top view
and thistle…beautiful…
and prickly.
But mostly just beautiful.
white flowers budding

Since I’m really really not good at taking pictures,
you can’t get a sense of the incredible
of all the rustling grasses, reaching in all directions
as far as the eye can see,
bending and waving in the wind…
grasses against the sky
or the sky,
filled with clouds
and slanting sunshine
and blue peeking through
like your favorite little boys’ eyes…
sky and grass
or these amazing little treasures,
dark roses - contrast with yellow
like miniature roses,
nestled in among ferns and big blue stem
and Indian grass…
dark rose in hand
seemingly dried out and hard,
but so delicate that this one nearly
crumbled in my fingers.

And isn’t that an interesting picture of us?
Walking the path we’ve decided is best
for ourselves, ignoring the beauty around us
through our tunnel vision,
the tunnel
ignoring the Creator who put it there,
and who put us where we are,
right now,
until we’re dry and shriveled up
and worn out
with trying to be tough enough
and ready to fall to pieces
at the merest touch.

But just remember…
boardwalk bridge
there is a way home.
nature walk and etc 036
And He is waiting for you,
and there is new life,
eternal life,
that is yours for the asking.

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  1. What a neat place! I'm ready for Fall. The Texas heat was stifling this year!


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