August 26, 2011

FMF : Older...

Wow, am I productive today, or what?

It's been a day of cleaning and hosting here at The Home Front, and while I feel as if I didn't get as much done as I would have liked, I have spent some time writing.  My instructor would be so proud!

it's time for Five Minute Friday.

So get ready to give your best 5 minutes of unediting, unqualified word-weaving to this prompt:


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Here          we          go.


I always thought that when I got older
I’d feel less like a child—

now that I’m 33 (just a couple weeks
ago) I realize that I’ll always feel

like a child, always searching, always
uncertain, always doubting the truth

that You give me, like when You say
that You love me and I’m beautiful

and forgiven and free, but I hide
my head by tucking it down

against my shoulder, blushing,
protesting without speech, but with

the broken-beaten-down bend
to my neck and the helpless shrug

of the shoulders that I’m helpless to stop
even though I know that I’m not

the wise one, I don’t know all,
but I know that You are, and You do,

so I’ll try to spend this year and every one
to come learning to hear You and trust

© Victoria L. Banks

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