September 26, 2011

FMF : Growing...

Coming in late this week for Five Minute Friday!

It took a haircut to get my poetry juice flowing.  Thank goodness the link is still open!

All right - you know the drill. 

1.  Write for five minutes.  No whining, qualifying, or editing.
2.  Link up with Lisa-Jo at Gypsy Mama.
3.  Visit some fellow brave posters and spread some encouraging feedback.

Here          we          go.


my poor hair

had you cut today

I knew – I knew –
that you’d shrink up
like trying to crawl back up
into my scalp and hide
so I told her to keep it
a little longer than she thought
it needed to be and now
it’s far far
shorter than I wanted

but Lord, look,

there’s a face under there
emerging from the cave
where it used to hide,
shrugging the weight back
over the shoulders,
pulling the bangs down
to cover all the inadequacies

who is she?
wanting to please you
but striving to please that
noisy little self
too often
far far
too often

who knows who she’ll be?
except You
is this accidental, this exposure?

© Victoria L. Banks
9 / 26 / 11


  1. Ha ha! Really, really makes me want to see it!

  2. No way! Although I toyed with the idea...couldn't find any pics of me with my long hair down to serve as a "before". Oh, well!

  3. cute!!! i avoid hair cuts at all costs because mine are never pleasant experiences. i leave the salon with regret every time.


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