March 07, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.  I recently got a straightening iron…or flat iron…whatever you want to call it.  Love, love, love the new ‘do.  I’ve never been much of a makeup-and-perfume type girl, but I have a feeling this little miracle-working appliance is taking up permanent residence in the bathroom.
2.  Is it spring yet?  I mean, how can I have a mountain of muddy clothes to wash and a backyard swamp behind the house and it not be spring yet?
3.  Just did a walking workout DVD by Leslie Sansone.  A lot of fun, and really got my heart rate up there.  Personal prediction : many miles of fun in the foreseeable future.
4.  My son put up the newest addition to the schooling area (otherwise known as the kitchen table) in our house.  A wall-mounted white board and bulletin board.
march 7, 2011 008
How cool is that!?!  (Triple punctuation is allowed in instances of extreme nerdy ecstasy.)  We are studying (among other things) the presidents and state capitals.  And we always have the American flag and the Pledge of Allegiance up.  (Good job, son!)
5.  Here’s my feet.  Very interesting, no?  I include them only because I am thankful for them.  They carried me 2 miles this evening.  Way to go, toes!  Can you tell I’m tired?  ROFLOLSCOMM…not really.  I don’t have any soda in the house right now, and I’m way too tired to clean up the ensuing mess if I was actually doing that.  Good night!
march 7, 2011 003

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