March 21, 2011

MM : Dratted Rhymes!


Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I wonder…can I make a Miscellany Monday post…in rhyme…off the top of my head…at nearly 10 o’clock in the evening?  Let’s see!


It’s late and I have two  three many loads of laundry to fold.

Can you believe just a few days ago we were all cold?

Today was so beautiful, with the thermometer a-climb,

That I sent the kids outside for a long, long time.

They came in muddy to the knees – thank you, Spring!

I’m so glad you’re here; please don’t change a thing.

Attended a baby shower for my cousin yesterday;

What fun!  Reminded me how the days slip away.

It seems my boys were tiny just a short time ago.

Today the littlest one dropped a weight on his toe.

Fortunately, God has built him like a tank.

Lord – You are so good to me, I must THANK


Father – for another week well begun.

Blessings to all of you – from the Home Front!


Okay – rather cheesy, I know.  I really hate rhyming.  Like, with a passion.  How’d I do?


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  1. Very cute and fun to read!

    Sometimes my daughters and I will talk in rhyme on our way to ballet lessons.


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