October 28, 2010

You Just Never Know…

pumpkin and corn shock

We used a poem a few weeks ago as our poetry selection for the week, which the kids really enjoyed reading and illustrating.  Here's the poem and the activities we did with it.

I am continually amazed at how much the littler kids pick up from being “around” while the big kids “do school,” as we say at our house.  My 4-year-old was just sitting at the table practicing his letters while the big kids and I read the poem; when they illustrated it, he had to get out his crayons and color too.

Then today, during breakfast, he starts reciting the poem, even though we haven’t even mentioned it for at least a week and a half!

Actually, what he said was, “When the fog is on the punkin and the fodder’s in the stock.”  But pretty close for a 4-year-old!  I think his fascination with pumpkins at this time of year probably helped him retain this in his memory so long!

I wanted to share as an encouragement to homeschooling moms out there—especially those teaching multiple levels to several kids.  Some days it may seem as though you aren’t being thorough enough with the littler kiddos, but they pick up more than you realize.  And just being in an environment where learning is taking place with a sense of enjoyment and excitement is a lesson kids can benefit from the rest of their lives.

Blessings from our schoolroom to yours!

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