October 27, 2010


Here’s a hypothetical situation for anyone who doesn’t have a clear-cut favorite in the upcoming election.

You have 3 candidates on your ballot:  a Democrat, a Republican, and a none-of-the-above (a third party, write-in unknown).  You feel that the unknown is probably most likely to share your beliefs and values.  But the two “party” candidates are holding up signs that read “Vote for Me—or Else!”  It’s a remix of that Election Day classic, “Politics of Fear”.

The Democrats say, “You have to vote for us, because we’re the only ones who can fix this mess.  We have to do it now, right now.  Have you forgotten that they are to blame for all your problems?”

The Republicans say, “I know we haven’t really earned your trust, but we’re the good guys—trust me.  If you vote for Mr. Unknown, you’ll just be ensuring that they win, and you’ll have wasted your vote.  Have you forgotten that they are to blame for all your problems?”

Waste your vote?  Can you really do that just by voting your conscience?

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being herded one way or another by politicians doing their Chicken Little impersonation.  Stop whacking me on the head with the “scared silly” stick.  I refuse to let fear dictate my decisions in this election.

Uncle Sam poster - from www.sonofthesouth.net

If it is vital to restore honor to our government—and I think it is…

If one of our greatest resources is our inexhaustible well of hope that we can come together to fix our problems—and I think it is…

If it is necessary that our leaders stand up for what is right, for the beliefs we Americans hold dear—and I think it is…

If I truly believe that “governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…”—and I absolutely do…

Then doesn’t reclaiming the nobility of our nation start with you and me?

I think it does.


image from sonofthesouth.net

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