January 21, 2012

Didja miss me?

I've missed me.

I decided to take a break from writing and from posting during December.
I intended to get back into full swing with school, writing, blogging,
and of course, all the cleaning and organizing I get in the mood to take care of
right after Christmas.

Instead, I've spent the last three weeks or so,
up until last Monday,
sleeping.  And eating.  And sleeping some more.

Seriously, I've been in a mental fog.

The house is nowhere near the relatively clean state
that I can usually make peace with.
('Cause you know I'm not a compulsive cleaner, right?)

School didn't start on January 2nd.
Or January 9th.
We finally got out the books on the 16th.

The good news is - the house is still here to clean now.
The kids are adjusting to a more structured day that involves homework.
(Homework?  What's that?  Are you speaking English, Mom?)

The even better news is - we're expecting a baby later this year!
I'm thrilled to be able to say that.

A baby.
Why I should be so blessed, I have no idea.
I'm still trying to wrap my head around this whole experience.

It's taken me a while to begin to get my thoughts in order.
(Or even stay conscious long enough to have coherent thoughts in the first place.)

But I'm hoping to be posting a little more regularly
now that the fatigue is retreating a bit.

Thanks for sticking around!


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