November 12, 2011

Five Minute Friday : Unexpected...

You'll never guess what I spent yesterday doing!

The kids and I went to my mother's house
to help clean out the toy loft.
I wish I had thought to take pictures!

We found all sorts of relics from my childhood:  Happy Meal toys,
storybooks with tapes or 45 records, and the record player
to play them on {missing its needle, unfortunately}.

All this to say - once again I'm coming in late for
Five Minute Friday.

Better late than never, right?

You remember the rules, I know, but just in case:

Write for five minutes flat on Lisa-Jo's prompt, which is


and then link up at The Gypsy Mama,
and hop around to give some encouragement
to your fellow writers.


Here          we          go.


cleaning out the loft of all the toys
I remember playing with when I was a kid,
and how I knew we’d get sidetracked
no matter what our best intentions might be

driving down a twilight road
to pick up the pizza for PIZZA NIGHT
{yes, it deserves capital letters:
Thank you, Pizza Fast!}
and seeing a buck, antlers spreading wide,
standing against the trees, just yards
from the road, unaffected
just browsing the thick brush for his own
dinner, before stepping into darkness

the fierce joy that doing this
kindles, the way I sometimes can’t stop
it from coming out, even if I’m tired
or busy or worried, when the words
want out I have to sit down
and appease them, and I never
would have thought
it would be like this

Thank You, Lord

Don't forget to leave me some feedback!

Felicitous feedback is almost as good as pizza.



  1. Oh, I'm grateful for pizza too and for writing. I also never would have thought I would enjoy it. It always used to be such a chore when I was in school.

  2. you go girl! pizza is definitely a good thing. : ) love this 5 minutes thing. i need to link up sometime.

  3. Oh this sounds like fun! I still have lots of my childhood things at my parents house. One of these days I need to go through it all too.

  4. But not for a while, right, Esther? You're going to be pretty busy here shortly! ;-D


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