October 21, 2011

FMF : Beyond... & Friday Favorites!!

It's time for Five Minute Friday!

Today we are writing for five minutes flat on the prompt:


So, limber up your word-weaving fingers and share some thoughts!
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Here          we          go.


beyond my expectations –

an awesome morning
at our homeschool co-op today,
with the kids loving their classes
and loving their friends,

and I loving the companionship
of moms who live this same life everyday,
life lived with books on every
available surface,
and math done on couches
and beds and sometimes even
in the aisles of the grocery store,

and big kids helping their littler
and beginning to frame up
the dreams that stretch seemingly
forever and will be here
before you can blink,

and amazingly attentive little kids
in my classes today,
bubbling over with joy
at making volcanoes
out of empty water bottles

and one asked,
“where did all these bottles come from?”
{there were 12 or 13}

and I said, “I saved them just so you all
could do volcanoes today”

and her eyes grew wide
with wonder

© Victoria L. Banks

I'm also linking up with Rachel at Finding Joy for Friday Favorites,

friday favorite things | finding joy

because homeschooling, writing,
and enjoying the wonder of children learning
about God's Creation
are all some of my favorite things!


  1. So awesome! I am considering homeschooling our boys (once they reach that age, only 5mo & 2.5yrs) But I am concerned about having support. When my siblings and I were home schooled it was a fairly isolated environment and I want more for myself and for my boys!

    Sounds like you are doing an incredible job. I remember making volcanos :)

  2. Isn't homeschooling something? I never thought I would be the homeschooling mom of 7 kids but here I am and now I can't imagine it any other way.

  3. love your picture of homeschooling here!

  4. Isn't it amazing how even the "ordinary" events of our day can go beyond our expectations?! God is so amazing that way. Your happiness made my own heart happy! Thank you!



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