June 24, 2011

FF: And then it was … s u m m e r


I am so thankful that it’s summer!

What have you been up to?


Listening to some great music!

Until the Whole World Hears


Playing horseshoes

(not my throw, btw – a double ringer by my fantastic husband!)

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The boys’ (and my) new favorite board game:

The Settlers of Catan

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(I almost won today!)

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Welcome home, Fred!

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This is the toad that has taken up residence in the old clothesline pole in the backyard.  We don’t know how he got in there, but we like to keep tabs on him.  We thought he’d been blown away in a recent storm, but he was back at his post today. 


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More time messing around on the video games—a little bit, anyway!


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One of my favorite holidays:  Father’s Day!


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Clothes drying on the racks …


for free!!

I love not running the dryer!


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  1. My favorite part is Fred - so glad he is back under your watchful eye again! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my place today...it's lovely to meet you here!

  2. awesome list! i played settlers of catan for the first time several months ago - it's a fun game! that's funny that a toad has taken up residence in the clothesline pole - it's a pretty strange place for a toad to be!

  3. We LOVE Settlers of Catan. I had read all of these posts about families who loved it so of course we had to try. And now, it's a favorite!

    Love your list of favorites.

    Thanks for linking up.


  4. We love Settlers at our house too. You have to try the expansion packs if you haven't yet. Happy summer and have a great 4th weekend!

    Ps. Thanks for your sweet comment.


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