May 27, 2011

Light-hearted (& adrenaline-packed?) Friday Fave

Can you guess what the kids and I just finished watching?
MythBusters Jamie + Adam Bobblehead Set
The Mythbusters special showcasing the hosts’ 25 favorite moments.
Why do my boys love this show so much?  Explosions, imminent threat of physical harm, firearms of all types and sizes…it’s a little boy’s dream.
Why do I like it so much?  It’s hilarious and entertaining while still remaining (for the most part) clean and inoffensive.  It promotes critical thinking.  It demonstrates the scientific method in action.  Where else can you find out the best way to escape a submerged vehicle or how to clean that hardened concrete out of your cement mixer, all from the safety of your living room?  (Plus, I love explosions and cool weaponry too.  *grin*)
We love Mythbusters.
So in celebration of another dinner spent watching Jamie, Adam, Tory, Grant, and Kari blow things up, crow in success, and high-five each other, here are our favorite quotes from Mythbusters.  Enjoy!

When in doubt…C-4.
Am I missing an eyebrow?
Failure is always an option.
Jamie wants big bang.
I reject your reality and substitute my own.
Time to go full-scale.
This show is 4 minutes of science and then 10 minutes of me hurting myself.
Why do I always laugh when you hurt yourself?
I love destroying cars.
His stomach is in his helmet!
This is why we can never have anything nice.
It’s alive!  It’s alive!
I’m beginning to think this is a bad idea.
Something just touched me!
I’m all right…I’m all right.
There’s your problem.
(I realize I probably didn’t get every quote exactly right, but I tried, and that’s the really important thing, right?)

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  1. Love the Myth Buster bobbleheads! And the quotes? Classic. My favorite? I'm beginning to think this is a bad idea.

    Thank you for linking up.

    Blessings on the rest of your Friday.


  2. aaahhh, myth busters. definitely a fav around here! happy weekend.


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