February 10, 2011

Screen Time


In honor of Valentine’s Day, I though I’d share some heart-warming favorites on the Inspiration Network this weekend.

And, of course, anyone who knows me will not be surprised to see the Waltons come first on my list!  I find it hard to describe why I love this series so much.  The strong family values.  The loving but protective parents.  The mother who always has her hair done up neatly after a full day of cooking, laundry, and refereeing that group of boys.  sigh  Their independence and love of God’s creation and their fellow men.  The simple yet timeless morals in each and every episode.  What’s not to love?  (And it’s on twice a day!)



Our chick flick pick of the weekend is Fireproof.  A FANTASTIC movie about love, marriage, commitment, faith, friendship…a total package for a great Valentine’s Day date-at-home.  (Gentlemen – if I have any male readers – your lovely ladies will love you for watching the movie with them.  Trust me on this.  You could even earn extra bonus points if you suggest it before she mentions it.  You can thank me in the comments section.)


Our manly man movie of the weekend would be Facing the Giants.  Lots of football action, faith, friendship, commitment, love…wait, this sounds familiar!  Recurring themes that are enjoyable no matter how many times you come across them, right?   (Ladies – don’t worry if you’re not a football fanatic.  You’ll still enjoy the movie.  One word … babies.  Enough said.)

So, if you can’t or don’t want to get out this weekend, snuggle up with your sweetie on the couch and catch an episode or two of the Waltons, or watch a Valentine’s double feature Saturday on INSP.

The Home Front gives the lineup two BIG THUMBS UP!


all photos from the Inspiration Network website

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