January 12, 2011

WFMW–Running My Week…

Rather than my week running me.

I’ve decided that I am hopelessly incapable of prioritizing off the top of my head.  I walk into the kitchen in the morning and note three or four areas that need attention.  Like, immediate attention.

Mount Wash-more.  The layer of dust on the computer desks.  The papers that need filed.  The files that need to be organized.  There are no clean glasses for breakfast.  A voice calls out from the little boys’ bedroom that there are no clean underwear, either.

I run down the list in my head and try to decide what needs to be done most urgently.  On the way to handle Problem #1, I notice something else that really needs handling, and then…

It never ends.  And not a whole lot actually gets done.  I get in the habit of handling everything in a temporary, “it’ll have to do” kind of way, instead of handling it the right way so it doesn’t end up needing attention again tomorrow morning.

So, I’m designating each day a focus.

Monday – Maintenance

Catching up on dishes, laundry, straightening up the living room and bedrooms, trash gathered up and taken to the curb, and living room vacuumed.

Tuesday – Kitchen

Cleaning the fridge, stove, sink, microwave; sweep and mop if needed; go over walls (the Magic Eraser is my friend); wipe down table / chairs, send kids out to retrieve the emptied trash bins from the curb.

Wednesday – Organizing / Dusting

Paperwork that needs filed; bookshelves straightened; kids - clean out school folders and their “keep drawer” where all art, etc. gets kept until it gets sorted and permanently stored.  Everything gets dusted.

Thursday – Bathrooms

Counters, toilets, floor, tub, the whole room gets a once over.  (Times 1.5 – don’t forget the half-bath!)

Friday – Light Maintenance

Preparation for the weekend, like Monday’s list, but only what needs done to get ready for the weekend.  Also, if not much needs done, this time can be used for other projects (cleaning out garage, etc.) or chores that got skipped for some reason earlier in the week.

Hopefully, after sticking with my plan for a couple of weeks, I’ll be caught up with cleaning, and won’t feel so overwhelmed with tasks.  Keeping the Home Front looking spiffy works for me!


Addendum:  I actually wrote this post the week the WFMW theme was “What Doesn’t Work for Me,” and I was this close to linking up when I realized how unfitting the post was.  Reading the theme list before spending an hour on my post – works for me.  LOL

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