January 16, 2011

It Could Have Been Me

As naturally as writing comes to me, I was really scared to start writing a blog.  It’s one thing to share my random musings.  (Although I’m amazed that anyone would want to read about my ordinary life.  Even after I’ve spent more time than I should reading about other people’s ordinary lives.)

I’ve been realizing lately that part of blogging is using your voice to reach others.  My sphere of influence is not very big yet, I know, but sometimes I feel a responsibility to share certain things that are vitally important to me.

Last November, I blogged about knowing what the candidates stand for, and voting according to your conscience here.  One of the biggest issues of interest to me is abortion. I am ardently pro-life.  If a candidate wimps out with some trite little justification (it’s a women’s issue), then my vote goes elsewhere.

Why is abortion so near to my heart?

Partly because it’s such common sense issue – murder is murder. 

Partly because I have four children and know how precious they are. 

Partly because … it could have been me.

I have been in a position where having an abortion would have been understandable (even encouraged), by society’s standards.

In my mind, abortion was never an option, because I knew that I was carrying a baby, not a blob of cells.

I loved him, even before I could feel him move, before I started being sick every time I smelled food, before I heard his heartbeat or saw his tiny fingers in the doctor’s office. 

Ever since I became a mother, abortion has been a very big deal to me.

And so, I felt compelled to share a few links with you.

  • Here are some statistics on the subject from Focus on the Family.
  • Hear Ronald Reagan’s thoughts on the issue at The Morris Tribe.
  • Check out the petitions available to be signed online at ParenthoodUSA.org.  As I write, the signature count is at 919,826 in support of personhood.
  • Check out some very moving images of life before birth here.  WARNING: Some may find the images too graphic.  Use your own discretion.

I am very sure where I stand.  I pray for our country, that this deadly practice will be stopped.  I signed the Illinois petition at ParenthoodUSA.org.  I’m not sure what else I’ll be doing to support pro-life efforts, but anytime God puts it on my heart to discuss it here, I will.

And now, I ask you – where do you stand?  And what are you going to do about it?

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