November 10, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday

What would I do without my seemingly inexhaustible roll of duct tape?  I’ve run into several circumstances where my little gray life saver has helped me out.

  • I wrapped it around my hand, sticky side out, to pick up glass shards from a broken light fixture off the carpet.  (We won’t discuss exactly who knocked the light fixture off, will we?  Ahem…)
  • I wound it around the cardboard-and-plastic-bag wrapping in which I had shrouded a broken storm window.  (This time the broken glass was my fault.)
  • I’ve covered chigger bites on my ankles with tiny squares of tape for a few days to suffocate the little buggers.  (gross, but effective)
  • I have sealed box bottoms with it.
  • I’ve “extended” a box by taping the flaps straight up and then winding the tape around the outer perimeter of the box (for storing the extra winter blankets).
  • I have tightened up loose football pants by improvising a duct-tape-belt.
  • I have covered the sharp metal edges of a broom handle with layers of tape (after I broke the end of the broom off).
  • I once reattached the heels of my son’s outdoor “play” shoes by duct taping them to the rest of the shoe.  It lasted until he outgrew the shoes, which is pretty amazing, considering how hard boys are on footwear!

I’ve heard of people who made dresses out of duct tape and a man who attached a loose muffler with duct tape.  My uses may not be as exotic as that, but it’s still a handy thing to have in the toolbox!

For sticky wickets, duct tape works for me!

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