October 21, 2010

I've been thinking a lot lately about blessings - the tremendous number of "little" things that I take for granted.

Being able to live in my hometown, where my kids can visit their grandparents and relatives often.

Living in a country and state where I can homeschool my children as their dad and I see fit.

Fresh air and sunshine and beautiful autumn leaves on the trees.

The way my kids can translate the peculiar sign language I use when my throat is too sore for hollering at them.

And, after spending most of yesterday on a mission (to find a stand of very specific dimensions to hold a computer stack), I'm also thankful to:

The Home Front Antique Store on 4th Street in Albion, IL.  They have some fantastic furniture and unique knickknacks and offer reasonable prices.  A special note to homeschoolers - there are some very interesting old school books in the back.  They are going to be relocating, so stop by soon to check them out! (When they find a new home, I'll let you know!)

TJ's Thrift Store in Wayne City, IL.  He has great furniture, collectibles, and some small appliances.  Here, my quest ended with the purchase of a 2-shelf pine bookcase for only $6!

I appreciate the low prices at Wal-Mart-type retailers, but it's really nice to find local shops to support.  Small businesses are the backbone of our nation, after all.  And saving money is always a good thing on the Home Front!

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