January 25, 2015

Food for Thought

Time for some random food-related thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head lately.

Here's a new recipe we tried this weekend.  I doubled it for us, figuring that one 13x9 pan wouldn't be enough for 7 people.   It ended up really filling the casserole dishes, so we have one pan left for lunches this week.  :)


Next time, we'll cut back a little on the garlic powder.  Also, we don't typically use hot sauce, so I left that out of the marinade; the dish still had great flavor, though.  Definitely a keeper!

I've decided to stop price matching groceries at Wal-Mart.  For many months, I've been checking 10 - 12 regional circulars and making a list of things to PM.  I had developed a streamlined system, and I love finding a deal on something I needed to get anyway.  But lately it's not paying off in savings for the time it takes to make the list.

It seems like, in my area, other stores are not putting their best deals in their circulars; they are listing them more on the shelf instead.  Also, many times I find that my local WM suddenly doesn't have certain things out on the shelf, when there is a PM for it.  It was there last week, and it will be back next week, but it's not out when I can PM it.  :(  I don't know of any official policy to "hide" PM items, but it's awfully coincidental, don't you think?

Even though my local WM management claims that there haven't been any changes to their policy in months, it seems that the checkout employees don't know this.  It's such a hassle sometimes, that I don't even want to bother with it.

But, on a better note - no price matching means I can go through the self-checkout!  I *love* bagging my own groceries.  :)

So, we do the bulk of our two-week grocery shopping trips at Ruler and Aldi, and only pick up the few things left at WM.  I love the convenience of WM, but they've lost a lot of money when they make it less appealing to get groceries there, IMHO.  Ah, well.....

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