September 15, 2014

A Miscellany/Menu Post, in which we learn that I ramble really well :D

What would be a good post for a Monday?  Probably a Miscellany or Menu post.

Or maybe both rolled up into one?


bf - probably cake and donuts for the kids (What?!  We had a birthday over the weekend, and it has to be eaten before it goes stale.)

lunch - leftovers

supper - spaghetti, green beans, peas

bf - probably taters and eggs (made with French fries leftover from the weekend)

(Actually, bf may end up being pb&j they can make themselves, because I intend to be out late Monday night at a Mom's Night Out at our Co-op.  :)  This is the point where, if I were telling you this face-to-face, I'd probably break out into a chorus of "Everything is awesome!"  from the Lego Movie.  'Cause I'm a geek like that.)

Where was I?  Ah, yes, lunch - probably leftovers again, with mac & cheese to fill out the meal.  And I'll probably throw in whatever leftover veggies are lurking in the fridge, because everyone knows that you can't taste veggies if they are covered in cheese.  Right?

supper - something chicken, maybe with mashed potatoes? and gravy?

supper - Salisbury steak (or meatloaf), green beans, broccoli/cauliflower w/cheese

supper - chicken with ... I'm not sure yet, but I'll have it figured out by then.  It's only Monday, people!  Chill.

This is a big grocery shopping day for us.  Maybe I'll even get around to explaining that, what with my newfound (or rediscovered?) passion for blogging.  Anyway, bf will be quick, lunch will be at Wendy's, and supper will be burgers (of the frozen variety) and some veggies.

Well, as you can see, I'm very decisive and uber-prepared in the area of cooking.  Not.  Actually, our menus are on a rotation, and I've been doing it long enough that I pretty much know what I have available and what is next up on the list.  That makes it easy to not have to devote so much time to it.  And thought, because some days, it feels like there are only so many little grey cells on the job, and they really should be employed in some important pursuit, like making sure the kids get taught that day.  And that I brush my teeth.  And stuff like that.

(Am I the only mom who forgets to brush her teeth more often than she'd like to admit?  I hope not.  But oh, well.  The truth hurts.)

And if you know what literary character I'm referencing in that next-to-last paragraph, you get brownie points! 

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