January 02, 2012

MM : Starting the new year with a bang...

...or at least a little deception.

I know, I know - I'm so bad.

My apologies.

It turns out that January 1 is NOT my birthday.

Who knew?

(Actually, I had a couple relatives question the occasion last year.
Those Kocher ladies are sharp!)

In my defense, I don't want any more personal info floating around in cyberspace
than already is.  I figure, any little thing I can do, right?

I realize that being a blogger and being very protective of the details of my life
is a big, fat, ugly oxymoronic situation.

Oh, well.

If you sent me very nice birthday wishes on Facebook yesterday,
I apologize again.  I'm not trying to make you feel foolish.

Thanks for the good wishes.
I really do appreciate them.

Here's hoping a great week is underway for you!

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