November 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday : Grrr!

Hi, my name is Tori.
And I'm a Bears fan.

I wasn't always a Bears fan;
it's something I acquired by marriage.

My husband and I are raising four football-crazy, rough and tumble boys,
and they're Bears fans too.

We loved the game yesterday -
a game we thought we weren't going to be able to see in our area

{blackouts - GRRR!}

until right before gametime.

Can I just say it?


There are few things more fun than rooting for your favorite team
with your family on a chilly Sunday afternoon,
with everyone stuffed to the gills with {really, really good} chili,
and looking forward to a dinner of
pancakes and jelly, sausage, and

biscuits and gravy.

Oh. My. Goodness.

But back to the game...

I have a newfound appreciation for Jay Cutler,
aka "Spork"
{by me, anyway}

(cutler = cutlery = spork)

He's been taking some hard hits,
including a knee to the back of the head yesterday!
And he shook it off
and threw a beautiful touchdown pass.

He scrambled for a first down,
and didn't slide once he got there.
He stayed on his feet and kept running.

He's even been throwing blocks to stop crucial plays.
Does your favorite quarterback sacrifice himself
for the good of the team?

Mine does.

Unfortunately, it looks like he may have a broken thumb.
On his throwing hand.
And maybe, possibly, might be able to play
when we get to the playoffs.

(Yeah, I'm lookin' at you, Green Bay!)

I have a feeling this may be our year.
Hope springs eternal in the heart of a Bears fan!

{Speedy recovery to you, Spork!}

{And good luck next week, Hanie!}

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  1. Stopping by from Misc. Monday. Great Post!

  2. We pretty much just watch Nebraska football around here but we too have a blast doing it!

  3. i'm married to a full-time musician. i used to watch football until i got married. ha! now it's listening to him play guitar instead. can't say that i mind. : )

  4. Carissa - it is very cool to sit and enjoy the musical mastery of your main squeeze! My dh used to play the guitar, and still picks it up from time to time. My almost-15 year old son is teaching himself how to play. Very cool to see him rocking out, too! Thanks for dropping by!


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