November 17, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday–Frugal Autumn Craft

I love autumn!  Unfortunately, this year we didn’t get a good fall-leaf-viewing season in my stretch of Illinois.  It was too hot; then it was too cold; then (for one day, at least) the kids were wearing shorts again – in November.  For crying out loud…

So, I decided that today the kids will be making some leaves for our “Blessing Tree” out of candy wrappers I saved from our annual Candy Treasure Hunt last month.  I love the season-themed miniature candy bars!  Sometimes, I’m a sucker for cute little things.  *SIGH*  (The groaning you hear in the background is my boys bemoaning my blatant digression into girliness.)


It’s pretty simple.  Just trace a leaf shape on the plain white side of the wrapper, cut it out, and list what you’re thankful for on the plain side.  Then glue one end to the tree, so you can flip it to view the blessings on the back.

Voila!  A simple craft that doesn’t make a dent in my stockpile of construction paper.  This can be a really quick craft, if you want to just do leaf shapes to put up on the wall/bulletin board.  Or, you can encourage the kids to take their time and brainstorm some out-of-the-ordinary blessings.  Sometimes, they seem to get stuck in the standard food-shelter-clothes mindset.  While all those are blessings I’m very grateful for, I like to encourage them to think a little deeper sometimes.

It might even keep them busy long enough for me to shower…that definitely works for me!

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